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A few weeks, I went with my dear friend & fellow food connoisseur, Frances, to see the Christian Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Exchange (photos to come soon as the exhibit was pretty stellar).  As part of our ticket package, we received a $25 gift certificate at Jump, which is another Oliver & Bonacini restaurant!  Which brings me to today’s Food Friday!


[custom_box width=”60%” bgcolor=”#D5F2B6″ border_color=”#3F9F29″ text_color=”#3F9F29″ icon_url=””]RESTAURANT: Jump
ADDRESS: 18 Wellington St W Toronto, ON M5L 1L5
CUISINE: Canadian
PHONE: (416) 363-3400

To start our meal, we had the Steak Tartare. What was surprising about this dish was that it didn’t come with any bread, instead the vessel was sliced up radishes.  The steak tartare was tender and had just the right amount of spice from the soppressata.  For those that don’t like spice, there was swiss cheese to cut through the spice.  The radish was a different yet refreshing change to bread.  Now if you don’t like the taste of radish, each table comes artisan crostini.


Steak Tartare
crispy soppressata, Cerignola olives, Radishes

For some reason, I’m usually conditioned to not order chicken at fancy restaurants but seeing warm quinoa really sold me to order the Roasted Organic Chicken Suprême. The chicken was moist and the skin was rendered perfectly with the right amount of seasoning.  I found that the quinoa was a tad under-seasoned but the jus and mushrooms really offset that.  It’s definitely a dish I would order again.


Roasted Organic Chicken Suprême
warm quinoa and mushroom salad, savoury sauce

The Jump Beef and Short Rib Burger  was an indulging burger to eat.  The buns were lightly toasted with butter and the patty was moist and flavourful, especially with the addition of the aged cheddar and dill pickle relish.  The fries were thick cut and tasted so good with the truffle mayo.  I’m a sucker with anything with truffle!


The Jump Beef and Short Rib Burger
aged cheddar, Bibb lettuce, truffle mayo, tomato, dill pickle relish

Frances decided to order a drink and she decided on the Perfect Bourbon Sour.  What enticed her was the flaming orange zest.  We asked the waiter if it would come flaming and he told us that it was flamed then put in the drink for added flavour.  The drink had a nice balance of alcohol and sourness.  I’m not sure where the egg white came into play, but it was undetected in the drink.

Perfect Bourbon Sour fresh lime, orange syrup, egg white, orange bitters, and orange zest

Perfect Bourbon Sour
fresh lime, orange syrup, egg white, orange bitters, and orange zest

We decided to be adventurous and order an out-of-the-box dessert.  Lime Poached Fennel & Ontario Mascarpone was definitely an interesting choice.  I never had fennel before and assumed the taste would be tasteless like lettuce and that’s why they decided to poach it in lime.  Ends up I was completely wrong.  The one taste that I cannot stand is liquorice.  To my surprise, fennel tastes like liquorice.  No amount of poaching or mascarpone could help take away this taste.  Frances wasn’t a big fan and we expressed our thoughts to the waiter.


Lime Poached Fennel & Ontario Mascarpone
candied orange, honey-whipped mascarpone, mint

The waiter was kind enough and said that he would order a dessert that he guaranteed we would like.  He hit the money on the head with this one and ordered us the Toffee Crème Brûlée.  We couldn’t figure out the longest time what the flavouring was in the crème brûlée but it was toffee.  It was definitely interesting and something different.  The best part of this dessert is that there was another dessert.  On the side was cinnamon chocolate shortbread sugar cookies.  We thought it was just chocolate chip cookies because it was so soft to be a shortbread cookie.  Needless to say, it was delish!


Toffee Crème Brûlée
cinnamon chocolate shortbread sugar cookie

What surprised us most about the meal was that the waiter actually waived both the desserts from the bill. We honestly were super grateful to our waiter for doing this. Overall, the service was surperb as the waiter was attentive to us the entire night and made some great recommendations like the drink. Also Oliver & Bonacini have proved it again and again on why I love all of their restaurants like Canoe, Auberge du Pommier, and even their catering service!
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