For anyone that knows me or is personal friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know that I LOVE FOOD!  If there is a good place that my friends recommend to me or ask me to go try, I’m always game.  This love affair does have a price though…it means I have to workout at least 3x a week or else I’ll get FAT! (will post before & afters of myself on a later post)

Because of my love for food, I have decided to start Food Fridays(inspiration came from LisaMarie at Beauty Crazed who does “Mascara Mondays”)

[custom_box width=”60%” bgcolor=”#D5F2B6″ border_color=”#3F9F29″ text_color=”#3F9F29″ icon_url=””]RESTAURANT: Trevor Kitchen and Bar
ADDRESS: 38 Wellington Street E. Toronto, ON M5E 1C7
CUISINE: Canadian
PHONE: (416) 941-9410

Trevor Kitchen and Bar is located in a neighbourhood that is full of good eats!  If you’re looking for parking, there is street parking which is free after 9pm (I hate parallel parking) or  underground parking lots (approx. $10 after 6pm).

I’ve been to this restaurant twice, once for Winterlicious and the other for their regular dinner service.  Let me tell you, the deal you get from Winterlicious is really good!  $35 for a 3 course dinner and the serving sizes are not small.

Trevor Kitchen and Bar does not disappoint.  Each time I’ve been there, the food has been succulent and the service has been great.  If you’re planning on going there for Winterlicious or Summerlicious, prepare to give yourself at least 1.5hrs for the meal.  Since the restaurant is only open during dinner hours, there is quite a bit of volume.

My two favourite dishes thus far have been the port braised beef cheeks with sunchoke risotto & shaved frozen foie gras and dark chocolate & caramel torte with peanut butter chantilly. The risotto was cooked perfectly. I am a huge fan of risotto and have cooked it a few times at home. It’s not an easy thing to cook because your timing has to be perfect. I’ve been to so many restaurants in the past where it was overcooked and didn’t flow onto the plate like lava. The beef cheeks were so tender that my fork cut through it like butter. It was also really moist and paired wonderfully with the risotto. As for the torte…well if you’re in one of those “time of the month” cravings or just want something salty and sweet, this is the dessert for you. The sweetness from the caramel and peanut butter offset the bitterness that dark chocolate tends to have. It’s the perfect balance!

Without hesitation, I would go to Trevor Kitchen and Bar again and again.  Every morsel of food is cooked to perfection and there is so much flavour in each bite.  They offer you bread at the beginning of your meal and not just day old bread…but fresh, warm doughy goodness with freshly whipped butter.  If you’re afraid that you’re too full from your entrée to order dessert, don’t worry.  They also offer you FREE cotton candy.  Seriously, how many restaurants do you know do that?

Without further ado, here are the photos from my Winterlicious meal:


duck & foie gras rillettes with pickled winter vegetables & baguette


honey lacquered pork belly with kimchi, soba noodles & jicama slaw


steak frites, shortrib & cheddar crusted sirloin with truffled goat cheese poutine


port braised beef cheeks with sunchoke risotto & shaved frozen foie gras


mandatory pose with my risotto


crème brulée


dark chocolate & caramel torte with peanut butter chantilly


complimentary cotton candy

Hopefully I didn’t cause you to drool too much.  Have you been to Trevor Kitchen and Bar before?  Which restaurant in Toronto, would you recommend for me to go?

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